The word “Moxie” means the ability to face adversity with spirit, courage, daring, and energy.

 We have found this to be a very suitable name for our furry friend. Moxie is a beautiful 11 year old buff Cocker Spaniel that Julie and Andrey have been fostering since last Sunday. His story is a rather sad one so far. When Moxie was one year old, he was found tied to a tree in the winter time. Taken to the shelter, he was adopted soon after. He spent 10 loving years with his previous owner.  She was an elderly lady who recently suffered a massive stroke and is now in a nursing home permanently. She could no longer care for Moxie. Since then, little Moxie has bounced around foster homes. He is a very sweet, lovable, intelligent little boy with a big personality. Although he is 11 years young, he has the looks and the demeanor of a puppy. He has a clean bill of health from his recent vet visit, although they recommended a dental cleaning. He loves to chase the ball and carries it around in hopes someone will play with him. He is very smart and learns new tricks very easily. Julie only had to show him how to sit and give his paw a few times before he quickly picked it up. He loves car rides and he loves to sleep. He will either sit in the backseat or ride in your lap if you let him.  He’s a very laid back boy, but he also can play just like a puppy. Moxie is very happy and loves people, other dogs, and even cats. He especially loves Julie and Andrey’s cat Pretty Girl, a beautiful calico. He has warmed up to Buddy and Dolly as well. In the morning, he gets just as excited to see Julie and Andrey as the two other Cockers do. He loves to follow Julie around the house and won’t let her out of his sight. This is because Moxie is very hard of hearing and we think the handicap drives him to want to be constantly close to people. We also think that he is afraid of abandonment where he has been through so much in such a short period of time that this also drives him to be closer to people to feel safe.  If you or somebody you know may be interested in adopting Moxie, please contact us at Home Away From Home at 508-219-0002. He is a good little guy and deserves a great home and a fair shot at life.

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