Dolly’s Birthday Party

Not all parties are for people!

Dolly the golden Cocker Spaniel turned 8 years old this past November fifth!   In human years, she is now 52 years old. Dogs age quickly compared to the average lifespan of a human. The lifespan of a dog is a fraction of a human’s. After the span of two years, a dog has reached his or her full adulthood.

 However, Dolly’s breed the Cocker Spaniel is a very fun, lively, and energetic breed. The usually docile Dolly also has her active, nutty moments running around with her boyfriend Buddy, a black cocker spaniel. Cocker spaniels are very friendly and Dolly and Buddy reflect this. Every time I see them I get showered with kisses. If we ever decided to get a guard dog for the facility, these guys wouldn’t be it. Dolly and Buddy follow Julie around everywhere, and don’t let her out of their sight for a minute. Cocker Spaniels are called ,”The Velcro Dog”  for a reason. They are very bonded to their owners. 

Dolly’s birthday started out very gloomy. It was a stormy day on November fifth. Leaves were flying everywhere spiraling through the air as the rain fell, but that didn’t stop Dolly and friends from having a good time indoors. As you can see from the pictures, these party animals enjoyed every minute of the celebration. Dolly had some of her best friends with her on this special day. There was Fenway  the Miniature Schnauzer, Maggie the Beagle, Bella the Pharaoh Hound, and Jette the Boston Terrier. And of course Dolly’s sidekick, Buddy was there too.

Fenway and Maggie are a bonded pair from the same family. Fenway is a grey colored, spunky little guy, while Maggie the tri-color Beagle has a timid and sweet personality.

Bella is a lithe, shy, girl who is the underdog in the pack. She tends to stay in the background and enjoys time to herself. However when it comes to playtime, she suddenly comes out of her shell. Soon enough she has the other dogs running behind, trying to catch up with her.  No one can ever keep up with Bella. We call her a greyhound because she is as fast as one.

Jette is a very unique little terrier. She is very aloof and very observant, especially when it comes to food and her master,(me!). She is a sweet girl and loves to give kisses, even to her Pug sister Holly. She is also a very fast dog, she can almost keep up with Bella. She looks similar to a little Pit Bull, with a wide face and a short muzzle.

Everyone was gathered together in the cozy upstairs of Home Away From Home pet boarding. Us humans had laid out a pink table mat across the rich, wooden floors. There was a blown up picture of Dolly and her friends in the middle of the table mat, welcoming everybody to the “table”.

We had laid out 6 plates for everybody, and made goodie bags with homemade cookies included. Call us crazy, we are. Crazy for our pets! Everyone was running around sniffing, playing, and enjoying themselves. Even Andre made a guest appearance to the party. Soon, Julie and I started putting pointy party hats on everybody and taking their pictures. It was hard to get a good shot with all the hustle and bustle, but we managed to get a few. The Frosty Paws were then brought out and placed on plates for everybody (excluding us humans, of course!) to enjoy.  Everyone devoured their cold treats in a matter of minutes, then proceeded to go back to their games. The table cloth was ripped by the end; the sign of a good party. The streamers were still hanging from the ceiling exclaiming, “ Happy birthday!” in big letters. It was time for the people to enjoy a treat as well. We brought out the Halloween candy and enjoyed a few Kit Kat bars.

Everyone went home after having a good day at Home Away From Home. I recommend having a birthday party for your pet as it is a fun bonding experience for pet and owner. If you don’t happen to know your pet’s day of birth, you can always celebrate the day you adopted your furry friend. So like Dolly and us, have a party, have fun, and enjoy yourselves!

P.S. More adventures of Dolly and friends to come!

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